Friday, August 9, 2019

Child Soldiers Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Child Soldiers - Research Proposal Example soldiers forms a grave issue and the international community with the assistance of international as well as non-governmental organizations should work towards curbing this problem. Child soldiers have been used for conflict by military groups for years because they are considered to be more submissive as compared to their adult counterparts and exist in greater numbers. These young children not only suffer from physical violence but they are also afflicted to psychological trauma and injuries. The child soldiers are used for various purposes ranging from carrying materials to acting as spies and also as combatants (Young 2007). Young girls are raped and Fatmata who was a young child soldier narrated that she was kidnapped when she was 12 years old and she gave birth to the child of her captor. Fatmata and her child were both suffering from AIDs (Wessells 2006). Another child soldier Edward narrated that they were first asked to kill the victims and then forced to lick their blood. Edward escaped and returned to his village but many young children still suffer in such horrific and inhuman conditions (Mark 2013). The issue of child soldiers needs to be dealt with strategically with the cooperation of national and international forces. Participation of International organizations and non-governmental organizations is also of significance. The plan for putting an end to child soldiers should basically work around five key points: resolution of the issues which have led to fighting, prevention of kidnapping of young children, better ways of being able to distinguish and isolate the children from the militant groups, â€Å"demobilize, rehabilitate and reintegrate† the children followed by adequate funds and opportunities for the freed child soldiers to study or get trained (Young 2007). The plan for the protection of children from becoming a part of warfare is beneficial and will be of assistance in tackling the issue at its roots. Resolving of the warfare by the

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